Waterproof Construction Tunnel Jet Grouting Drilling Machine

Watertight CZPT Tunnel Jet Grouting Drilling Machine 

Application :
Xps-15 tunnel horizontal rotary jet drilling equipment is a particular equipment for superior pre-help of weak base layer these kinds of as wind-blown sand during tunnel construction. By means of rotary jet construction method, closed rotary jet pile curtain is shaped just before tunnel excavation to avoid drinking water and sand fixation.The rig can also be equipped with different drill resources for slope disaster management, anchor bolt and other functions.

one, Electricity method: 183KW DEUTZ diesel generator established and 110KW motor. The motors can be driven by mains 380V energy provide and generator set respectively.

2, Strolling method: metal crawler, with a keep track of width of 2800 and a chain plate width of 600, with a driving pace of one-1.4km /h. The going for walks technique is pushed by a hydraulic motor, which is suited for complex floor building.

3,  hydraulic technique: the use of REXROTH, brevini, EATON and other globe-renowned manufacturers of hydraulic components, the use of load-delicate manage systems, electro-hydraulic proportional control and other advanced systems, generating the procedure simple, effective and reliable.

4, CZPTal management system: It adopts PLC centralized management and has features such as fault alarm, which is risk-free and reputable.

five,Functioning program: it is outfitted with wireless remote operator, which can realize distant handle. The principal operating platform is outfitted with a screen, which can screen drilling depth, mast angle, rotation pace, feed and drag pace, technique stress and other parameters

6,Structural components: the rotating mechanism of the body, the two-arm help mechanism and the mast are built-in, and the construction is compact the two-arm support system is two-stage lifting, the help is steady, staying away from drift in deep hole operation, and the very first phase has a slewing mechanism It can recognize ±120° rotation, can comprehend porous procedure in the identical operating plane, and boost operate effectiveness the mast is composed of a few sections, equally finishes can be folded for easy transportation the power head has 4-speed shifting, broad speed variety and big torque. (Optional hydraulic influence electrical power head)The energy head stroke is 14m, and the duration of the drill pipe is 15m. can be drilled into a hole and rotary jet into a pile.The hoisting machine is utilised for feeding and returningThe gripper can add and keep drill pipe and shackle to reduce the labor intensity of employees.The entrance conclude of the rear gripper is geared up with a return tow oil cylinder,whose stroke is 600mm and the pulling back power is fifteen.7 tons.When the drill stuck, it can be utilised with the winch to pull back again.

seven,It is equipped with a foldable arm workbench, which is handy for manned to operate the orifice.

eight,Equipped with a centralizer to minimize the swing of the drill pipe for the duration of drilling, and the drilling is steady and trustworthy.

nine, Rotary Jet Drill: 76 one-tube rotary spray, 89 double-tube rotary jet drill pipe attachment.

10,With various drilling tools, it can be utilised for anchor bolting, down-the-hole drilling and rock drilling.

eleven,It is equipped with massive-stream high-stream XTB collection ground-primarily based pump and ZDJ-1 automatic mixer. 

Principal  technological parameter 


Waterproof Construction Tunnel Jet Grouting Drilling Machine