Sc Series Construction Elevator Sc200

1. SC series building hoist for the gear, rack and pinion push, using sophisticated technologies at home and abroad, right after several years of self-digestion, innovation, novel disign, affordable composition, convenient operation, assembly and disassembly conveniently, fineappearance, perform properly and reliably.

two. CZPT requirements tower human body mast segment of 800*800*1508, there are different varieties in the type of framework these kinds of as SCD double-travel, with counnterweight, SC three-generate CZPT counterweight, created-in, overhead type and frequencyconversion handle. The unit is applicable to more than 60m of bridges, chimneys, buildings and other substantial-rise developing construction staff and resources transport, but also can be utilised as warehouses and wharfs, and so forth., as the vertical transportation.

three. Copmpany’s freshly developed micro-controlled computerized leveling unit, ground wi-fi pagers, voice alarm overload(to pick from). The system is entirely purposeful, 3 sorts of functios can be utilized on your own, or you can free mix and match with a Computer motherboard as a entire, to achieve automation.

classfication model Rated  loading  potential(kg) Lifting  velocity(m/min) Motor  power(kw) Rated  installation  payload  capability(kg) Counterweight  (kg) Cage  Inner  dimensions  size*width*height(m)
Low  velocity

Medium  and  high  speed  frequency  conversion  high  velocity

Single  cage With  counterweight SCD200 2000 33(38) 2*11 1000 1000 3.two*1.five*two.6
Without  counterweight SC200 2000 33(38) 3*eleven 1000 3.2*one.5*2.6
CZPT  cage With  counterweight SCD200 2*2000 33(38) (two*2)*11 2*1000 two*1000 3.2*1.five*two.six
Without  counterweight SC200 2*2000 33(38) (two*three)*eleven two*one thousand 3.2*one.5*2.6

 A. Characteristics of Sc200/two hundred construction hoist elevator,development hoist :

one. It is outfitted with fully safety gadgets to assure the safe functioning

two. Secure running and comfortable adaptability

3. The transmission system adopts two-travel motors and a few-travel motors. Planar double-eveloping worm gear reducer is adopted ensuring the high efficiency, max payload and long support lifestyle

4. Easy electrical handle technique, easy procedure and handy servicing withlow failure fee.

B. Positive aspects of our SC200/200 building developing hoist   :

one. Reduced operating price but large effectiveness
two.Simplicity in procedure
3.Higher degree of basic safety
four.Lengthy sturdiness
five. Lower strength use.

C. The SC series construction hoist elevator,design hoist  :

one. The SC collection building lifts has rack and pinion, by which the materials had been lifted

two. This item has no counter weight, dismantling very easily and operating securely

3. Overload safety limiter and mechanical chain device are reliable and comprehensive, optimal security unit decide on SAJ40-1.2, which restricts the excessive downward movement of the cage and stops cage falling accidents

four. The transmission technique adopted a few drive motors and a few sets of reduction gears

5. It has simple electrical control program, hassle-free to be maintained and lower failure price

6. The mast sections of development elevator are painted for four occasions. Also galvanized mast sections are CZPT for customers

7. Variable-frequency construction elevator are risk-free, stead and relaxed

eight. The commence electric power is scaled-down than the functioning electricity  development creating hoist

nine. Ground contacting technique is CZPT for clients with extra payment

10. Fast-wear parts are cost-free to give to clients and 1-calendar year guarantee for the principal system.

We are manufacture of sequence rack and pinion construction creating hoist  , development developing hoist ,lifter& passenger elevator ,Man and material raise for content hoist, Content CZPTs  


Sc Series Construction Elevator Sc200