High Quality Plate Chain Bucket Elevator

large good quality plate chain bucket elevator

TB plate chain bucket elevator is specially made for vertical displacement of abrasive tough components. It adopts plate sleeve roller chain as traction ingredient and typically be used to transportation content with density not a lot more than 2 t/m3 and temperature in 250ºC.TB bucket elevator could get to a ability of 395m3/h with a vertical displacement of five~50m.Vertical bucket elevator is hugely resistant to put on and can be put indoor as properly as outdoor.

Doing work Theory and Software
Hopper scoops up materials from the stone bucket under, then is lifted to the prime with the conveyor belt or chain, and subsequent it is downward rolled above bypass the wheel on the prime and the components are dumped into the acknowledge slot now by bucket chain or hoist conveyor, and the entire procedure is over. The driving band of bucket elevator with driver is commonly manufactured of rubber, and it is put in under or above the push roller and the divert roller. The chain-push bucket elevator is usually equipped with two parallel transmission chains, above or beneath which is a push sprocket and a divert sprocket. Constant chain or belt bucket elevator for cement is generally equipped with chassis to stop the dust flying into the bucket elevator.

Benefits and Attributes
1.Software broadly
two.Reduced driving power, minimal power use
three.The whole equipment with entire sealed design and style, no dust pollution while managing
four. The machine housing case has excellent-searching visual appeal
five. Driving system configuration could save significantly room, light fat, with backstop, low noise, managing steady
six. 4 type bucket sorts could meet various particle size components
seven. CZPTized lifting top

CZPT Parameter:

Plate Chain Bucket CZPT
Design TB250 TB315 TB400 TB500 TB630 TB800 TB1000
Potential (m³/h) 20~29 51~seventy two eighty five~121 a hundred thirty five~191 207~294 281~398 398~565
Max. Particle Dimension 60 sixty eighty 100 a hundred twenty five one hundred twenty five a hundred and fifty
Bucket Kind J T T T T T T
Bucket Volume (L) 4.seven eleven.eight 25.three 50 96 a hundred thirty 232
Bucket Pace (m/s) .5 .5 .five .five .5 .five .5
Plate Chain Pitch (mm) a hundred twenty five one hundred twenty five a hundred and sixty two hundred 250 250 315
Plate Chain No. one 2 2 2 two 2 two
Max. Lifting Height (m) 50 40 forty forty forty 30 30

Choice Problems

♦Material to be processed: _____ ♦Material is corrosive or not: ____ (Ps. Indeed or No)
♦Handling potential (Ps. It signifies the complete ♦Working atmosphere is indoor or out of doors:________
materials capacity feeding from the inlet): _____t/h ♦Material is liquid or not:___________(Ps. Sure or No)
♦Bulk Density: _____t/m3 ♦Working setting temperature: _______ ºC
♦Lifting height of the elevator (distance  amongst ♦Upstream equipment (Ps. It implies what kind of
 inlet and outlet):__________m tools is employed to feed the materials): _____
♦Max. granule dimension of the feeding substance: ____mm ♦Downstream gear (Ps. It means what variety of
♦Percentage of Max. granule in substance:_________% tools is employed to discharge the materials): _____
♦Material temperature: _____ºC ♦Working energy supply: _____V ______HZ 
♦water content:____%  

We mostly offer the subsequent equipments :

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Gyratory screen
Trommel monitor
CZPT vibrating display
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Dewatering screen
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Sidewall belt conveyor
Portable belt conveyor
Shuttle conveyor
Bucket CZPT Efficient bucket elevator
Belt bucket elevator
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Plate chain bucket elevator
Cement bucket elevator
Silo bucket elevator
Screw CZPT U-variety screw conveyor
Cement screw conveyor
Pipe screw conveyor
Scraper CZPT Horizontal scraper chain conveyor
Incline scraper chain conveyor
Grain scraper chain conveyor


High Quality Plate Chain Bucket Elevator