Hfw400L Crawler Rotary and Hammer Drilling Rig for Well

Hfw400L Crawler Rotary and Hammer Drilling Rig for Well

1.Crawler type and hydraulic management, easy to move and work

two. it can function with immediate circulation mud pump and reverse circulation pump , also can work with air compressor.

three. it is utilised for water effectively drilling, mining blasting hole, foundation piling gap constructionand so on.

four.extremely powerful motor , 160KW (218HP) Commins diesel motor

five.it can drill complicated stratum ,like sorts of tough rock,clay ,sandy ,cobble etc

Major Features

1.Rig variety of optional outfitted with large leg for self loading Crawler and truck variety, optional diesel motor or motor power.

2.The mixed pump transfer circumstance, hydraulic rotary power head, the motor chain propeller, water pump, mud pump areas this kind of as hydraulic configuration, affordable electricity matching, velocity, pressure regulating block stepless adjustment, obtain a range of drilling parameters, fulfill a selection of drilling technological innovation, adapt lo the total formation drilling needs

three.Several drilling engineering: the soil and sand pebble bed reverse circulation drilling. Moisture rock mixture of massive diameter DTH hammer drilling composition. All air leakage development drilling a gap deep casing to comply with up. Deep hole water, gas, 3 complex strata mix DTH hammer drilling mud.

4.Patent strategy: rock gap diameter of 600 mm, moisture blend of DTH hammer drilling, preserve 50% use air compressor, improve the performance of twenty%. 300 mm diameter drill 800 m deep h2o, fuel, DTH hammer drilling mud a few medium mixtures, option roller rock drilling, enhance the pace by two hundred%

five.High pressure mud pump, constructive and damaging circulation pumps, drilling frame lift ing, drilling platform opening and closing, the drill pipe discharge, leveling, winding, drill leg wander all with auxiliary motion of the managed by hydraulic, these kinds of as enhancing design effectiveness. Reduce the intensity of the operator work.

6.CZPT method outfitted with independent air-cooled hydraulic oil cooler,and can optional put in drinking water cooler to ensure hydraulic technique preserve ongoing and productive procedure under the substantial-temperature weather conditions circumstances of distinct regions.


Engine power(Kw) a hundred and sixty
Max.drilling depth(M) 400
Borehole diameter(Mm) Rock layer 200-350, soil layer 500-1000
Working air pressure(Mpa) 1.05-2.46
The total gas consumption(m³/min) sixteen-30
Drilling efficiency(m/h) ten-twenty five
Length of drill rod(m) 6
Drill pipe diameter(mm) 108
The driven rod(mm) 108*108
Axial pressure(KN) two hundred
Lifting force(KN) 200
CZPT hoist(KN) two hundred
Slow down,slow speed(m/min) nine.two
Rise fast,fast CZPT speed(m/min) 50
Power head of rotary torque(N.m) 13000
Lower rotary hydraulic turntable(N.m) 40000
Rotary speed(r.p.m) -fifty, 0-one hundred
CZPT mud pump(L/min) 400
Equipped with generators(KW) 22
Walking speed(Km/h) 3
Climbing ability(º) twenty
Host weight (KN) 14500
Mainframe exterior size(mm) 9400*2100*3200

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Hfw400L Crawler Rotary and Hammer Drilling Rig for Well