Heavy Duty Hydraulic Vertical Platform Lift for Cargo

Small CZPT System Elevate

Major attribute:
1)chain attributes lifting products
2)hydraulic pushed and lift by chain
three)continual up and down

Item induction:
Vertical lift–Lead rail hydraulic lifting system is utilized for transfer cargo between different floors. Self-peak is about a hundred and fifty-300mm. This platform can install on the ground straight or make a single pit. CZPT generate, continual operating and basic operate.

This machine supply fast, effective, handy and secure entry to or from mezzanines, balconies, basements, and between ranges in numerous tale structures. They can be put in for by means of-flooring, inside or exterior apps. The basic principle elements of device include manual columns, carriage and a mechanical or hydraulic actuating mechanism.

We offer the most full line of equipment from mechanical to hydraulic to completely automated, CZPT programs for automatic manufacturing and warehousing functions. Equipment are CZPT in capacities from 100kg. To one hundred, 000kg.

one) chain lifting system features lifting the merchandise through the distinct floors.
two) chain lifting platform—-hydraulic driven and lift by chain.
three) unique lifting chain and have lengthy use life.
four) the near height is low so don not need pit installation.
5) closed sort construction, safe and straightforward to cleanse.

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Vertical Platform Lift for Cargo